4 Ocak 2012 Çarşamba

My So Turkish Miniature

 In my latest miniature I wanted to make something for our Turkish culture. Rakı is our national alcoholic drink out of grape and anise flavor. It's sweet but hard. It is served with meze and generally seafood. Melon, cheese and fish are the best with rakı.  I also added a plate of kebab.You can drink rakı both sec and adding water. It is normally colorless but if you add water it turns to a whitish look.I love it! And I also love Turkish classical music. I can't think a Rakı table without some classical tunes. The people on the photos are the famous singers of classical Turkish music. Zeki Müren and Gönül Yazar. I made also an antique radio. Eat, drink and listen to music..

You can find a corner like this anywhere in Turkey. And I wanted to make one. I recommend you to listen a song from Zeki müren while viewing the photos. We say ''Sağlığına dostum'' ( For your healthiness friend!'' before starting Rakı. So I say Sağlığınıza Dostlar!

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  1. A wonderful detailed roombox. I love it and your work is fantastic. The food looks so appetizing!
    Hugs, Drora

  2. I love it. I could easily see myself in such a place. I like the colours of your plates.

  3. amazing,gorgeous,wonderful,stunning..... ve ingilizce karşılığını bilemediğim birsürü güzel söz:)hah bir de congrats tabii:)

  4. Thanks to this little Turkish scene and the song to him. Great experience!
    The lovely little details!

  5. This is adorable! So colorful and pretty! Great work! :-) Jennifer

  6. Que preciosidad no falta detalle.
    Desde hoy sigo tu blog.
    Un abrazo. Manoli

  7. I loved your blog and now I am a follower. :)

  8. tebrik ediyorum. mükemmel çalışma. özellikle yemeklere bittim :). kulağımda sürekli zeki müren'in sorma şarkısı döndü o güzel ve buğulu sesi ile.