6 Eylül 2011 Salı

Welcome to Our Shabby Miniature Kitchen!

 At the end, we moved in our kitchen. Everything is not ok for example we don't have a plumbing, our kitchen cabinets and sink haven't completed yet. But inspite of everything we are enjoying our kitchen!
 For the guests I made cupcakes, delicious cupkcakes!
 I placed the cutlery and put my favourite kitchen ornament next to it.
 Do not hesitate to take one. Yummy!

 I can't think any breakfast without Nutella so I'm keeping it in my sight always...
 I hate empty walls. So we  personalized the walls.
 These days we are consuming pasta because we don't have enough time to make detailed meals.
 I do not use nylon bags, so I bought a shopping bag from Lilacsmell.
 A general look to our pretty kitchen :)

 Lets make some tea.

 I'm always tidy...

Tea is ready. Do you want to have a cup?
 I'm keeping my cupcake molds here...
 How tiny it is :)

Thanks for your visit. I hope to see you around here again!

9 yorum:

  1. wow! wonderful... I loved every piece... but carpet fantastic!

  2. tienes cositas sensacionales!

  3. I like this kitchen. Very nice.
    And cosy.
    I like the colors.

  4. Amazing kitchen,love all the beautiful details!!! Miniregards,Sonia.

  5. Tarchin, Carmen, Nina and Tink-Sonia thanks too much for your precious comments!

  6. Que maravilla!, no puedo dejar de mirar cada detalle, todo tan precioso, tan pequeño... con esos colores tan espectaculares!. Genial.

  7. ¡Que gusto conocer tu blog♥!!!
    Cuanta cosa más hermosa hay aquí!!!
    Ya soy tu seguidora ( ;
    Un abrazo

  8. @Terefer and @Flor thank you so much. I'm so happy with your visit, welcome to my blog!

  9. Çok güzell çalışmalar büyüleyici!!! Bebeklerim için Minyatür koltuk ararken rastladım bu masal diyarına(bloga)....Benim gözümden; Emsalsiz :)