4 Eylül 2011 Pazar

Through My Shabby Chic Kitchen

 Not professional but I built my first shabby chic room. And you can see the steps of both painting and cleaning. I tried hard :))
 Here are the painting materials. Wall paint, roller brush, and the other brush are ready for painting.
 Look how fuzzy is  the roller brush! It painted whole wall in just one move :D
 And please look how cool is my brush. How tiny and how lovely :)

 Oh yes! The painting finished. But look everywhere is under dust. We should immediately clean the kitchen!
 I'm sweeping out the dust.

 Sweeping finished. Let's mop the flooring. But look that vintage tin bucket. Wow!

 The floor is shining! :)
 And lastly I wiped the windows and the door. Oh the cleaning finished but I'm really exhausted! But  in a few days we'll move in. There are many works to do. So I should have a rest. Hope to see you again!  :)

6 yorum:

  1. Love the post so funny and real pics,i really enjoyed your kitchen! Miniregards.

  2. me ha encantado conocer tu blog con este post fantástico, me encantan todas esas pequeñas herramientas y útiles de trabajo, felicidades

  3. Me encanta esa cocina.. después de esa sesión de limpieza va a quedar genial. Un beso.

  4. Compliments for your blog and for your Kitchen. The details are amazing. :o)

  5. Wow Lila! I loved your blog!!! Nice images and sweet art in the kitchen...
    So, I'm a new follower and I invite you to visit my blog and know a little bit of my work with handmade paper.


    Kiss from Brazil.