27 Eylül 2011 Salı

Make its Same! - İron couch


   I wanted to create a new section for my blog. From now on, I'll pick any real object's photo and will try to make its same in mini. For the first try I've already chosen the object and made its miniature. My first creation is an iron couch that I really love. I found it on a shopping site. I want to buy such an couch for my home, but at first I'll try its miniature ;) 

I confess that wrapping wire was harder than I thought. I was planning before, but failed many times. I annoyed but was so much decided to do that and I succeeded. Yes it is far more than I dreamed nonetheless I'm happy with the result. Because after sewing the textiles it seemed so cute to me. Anyway that's it. Would you like some chocolate?

8 yorum:

  1. Muy bonito!Espero ver pronto otras recreaciones.
    Un abrazo

  2. Adorable¡¡¡
    Preciosa eleccion y maravilloso resultado, muchas felicidades.
    Adoro los mubles de hierro forjado
    Un beso

  3. ¡Que trabajo más ,pero más bello has hecho!!!! ¡Me encanta!!!!
    Un abrazo

  4. Love the work!The iron coach is so beautiful,miniregards.

  5. You did a great job making the couch.
    It really looks like the 1:1 version.
    I love the knitted bedspread.


  6. WONDERFUL!! I like it very much!!
    kisses, Caterina