1 Nisan 2011 Cuma

Wrought Iron Rack

 This morning I suddenly decided to make this rack.I tried to get a realistic look. I don't like toy like miniatures. But as a newbie miniaturist I have to try hard. I wake up early and working till going to bed. But among my hobbies miniature is the best. It doesn't bore me after hours. I just need to have a rest for a while and then returning to my mini world.
I also made the cherry pie and luxurious bottle. I'm in love with this tiny lovely bottles. I'm trying various styles but I 'm nearly out of stuff. On monday I'll buy many jewelry stuff that can be used in miniatures. I hope I can find forks and spoons. I'll also need different types of bead tops and translucent beads.
Miniature love never ends :))

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