15 Nisan 2011 Cuma

Salad Preparation Table

 My first preparation table. I was too excited about making a table.Briefly, working with wood is not as easy as I expected before. Especially I hate painting. I'm a bit impatient. So waiting its drying makes me crazy. Sometimes I want a performance like Photoshop does with just one click :) :) I made baskets last week.It's really enjoyable. How is my basket with a miniature bread miniature? :))

 This is a sauce we make with red pepper, dried bread, pomegranite sauce, olive oil, and cummin. We call it Muhammara and I love it yummy!

 A general look to my table. My pot is shining. Love fimo ♥

 Miniature bread miniature :))

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  1. gerçekten bayıldım ne kadar zevkli çalışmalar emeğinize sağlık :)