16 Mart 2011 Çarşamba

Some Stuff

 I've made some handmade wooden boxes and some plates. They were waiting to be photographed for a while. For the past two weeks, Blogger was banned in Turkey with the complaint of Digitürk Satellite Television Company for illegal football match broadcasts in some blogs. It's too complicate to describe. We weren't guilty but were treated like the pirates because of the inadequte laws for the  information technologies :(  I couldn't reach my blogs. It was a disaster. But at the end Blogger was unbanned after a counter claim. But the blogs are still blocked. It will take some time ( two ot two days) to access the blogs. But I've changed my DNS settings to publish some posts and read blogs. Because it was like a torture without reading and publishing. You know, blogging is turning a life style after years. Luckily this silly ban finished, and I can make my blog works again with a big joy. I've gained my creation inspiration again. I'll make new different miniature creations soon...

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  1. Hey Allah'ım, minicik kutunun eskitmelerini sevsinler:)))