24 Mart 2011 Perşembe

Many new Miniatures

Here are my new creations. Since I started to make miniatures, I've tried ways of getting more realistic looks. I still do :) Now when I look back my first jobs, I'm laughing at myself. And maybe after a while I'll be laughing at these miniatures. Here in Turkey, miniature is not a common  hobby. There aren't so many people making miniatures, so there are not enough materials for miniature. For instance I can't find any dollhouse materials. I haven't seen any dollahouse scaled plates or cutlery. So I'm trying to make my own. But I want realistic looking ones. Nowadays I'm experimenting on making various plates and bowls. I always look around to find anything that can be used as a mold. My new plates are better than the old ones of course. Tomorrow I'll look for some mini cookie cutters especially in flower shape.
I'm always thinking about what to use in my miniatures new. Last week  I was thinking about making some bottles. I looked for thin glass tubes, but then I realised that the medical ampoules have a goood bottle shape. I rushed to a pharmacy to buy some. I told the pharmaceutist woman that I'm looking for some ampoules. I won't use its ingredients, I'll buy it just for it's bottle. The woman astonished. I think, I was the first who asked her such an irrelevant question in pharmacy :) But then I aroused interest of the people there. All of them noted my blog's adress. I was happy with my new little tiny cute glass bottles with some new followers :) There are still problems on the botlle's brim. I'm still experimenting on it.
As for the glass, I used cigarrette filters :) I cut its bottom and got a brillant glass shape. Now I'm trying to make some furniture. Coming soon :)

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  1. yeni blogunda hayırlı olsun canım sevgiler öpüyorum

  2. Merhaba,

    Siz gercekten cok tatli bir insansiniz,eminim! Bunlar ne kadar guzel minyaturler!
    Bakarken hayal dunyam canlandi ve kafamdan tonla sey gecti,cok zevk aldim sayfanizdan.


  3. Hatice ablacım çok teşekkür ederim. :)

    Sevgili Guz çok teşekkür ederim çok mutlu oldum :)